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An American Indian told me that he believed that some of us are made of the earth and others come from the stars….

That left me very confused.


Well, he's half way there then. Still drawing lines. It's a symbolic statement meaning our orientation is either here in the practicalities or up above seeing the whole thing.

I'm from the stars in his version.  Means I can't mend cars very well!

I've said it before so........ The way we gain knowledge is to pull things apart and examine and name them.

The way we gain wisdom is to rub out all the lines between 'things'. That's why babies are so wise looking. They don't have any lines in their minds.



Hello Tony,

I am in the United States and currently working on healing my own eyesight. What would you say to someone like me, or how would you be able to help me?

Thank you

C. M.

This depends on you a bit. You may well have energy coming from your hands and not know it. Try placing one hand flat over the other hand about 1 inch away and move them about a bit. You are trying to detect an energy coming from them .  It can feel hot or tingly if it's there.

If it is, place your hands over your eyes, touching or not touching, (that's up to you), every time you feel like doing it. This may help your eyes.

If you haven't or can't feel energy then get back to me and I'll arrange an absent healing.
I wish you luck and look forward to hearing from you.



Dear Anthony

Hi. I was so glad to see your website and I found it interesting.

I have a question and I wonder if you can guide me; I have studied physics and I am practicing Reiki - A method in Healing-; I'm just fond of finding new ways of healing in helping people all around the world and I wonder if there is an Institute or university in which we can get our scientific knowledge mixed with the ideas of healing in a way that science would accept the effects and researches in those areas.

I would be happy to have your guidance; by the way I'm planning for my Masters and I want to know if there is any kind of these research areas to study in.


M. E.



I must confess that I don't know much about universities or their courses, but I can give you my thoughts on healing in general.

I have been healing for 29 years, (Placing hands an inch or so above the body), and have met many people practicing many forms of healing.

The problem science has is that there is no machine to measure 'healing energy'. Therefore science tends to avoid things like acupuncture and homoeopathy because it cannot measure it and cannot understand how it works.

Out of all the healing methods I have had experience of, Acupuncture and homoeopathy have impressed me the most. There may well be a university course for one or other of these but you'll have to do a search on the web to find out.

I have recently started practicing Tai Chi which I hope will improve my healing energy and it could be useful for you to try it too. It is more a way of life than a hobby.

I'm pleased to hear that you want to help the world. It needs all the help it can get right now.

I wish you the best of luck and let me know how you get on.




Why do people act so rude against others? Why do people want to claim their brother's abilities? Are they so deeply hurt in their personal life and reflecting this pain on others?




I believe the answer is ignorance. We all share in ignorance of various degrees and the way to deal with it is by understanding. I think it appropriate to put something from my book, 'Know Your Wisdom' below which I feel explains my point of view.

(Nice question and I thank you for it.)



Moral decline.
Questions are being asked regarding the low moral standards now being exhibited in our society.  "What has gone wrong?", we all ask.
Quite apart from what I have already written regarding our misunderstanding of good and evil, there appear to be two other factors involved.
Firstly there is education.  The only education we get on the subject of morality comes either from our parents, or from religion taught in schools and churches.  Should we receive little or no moral education from the home and if we should reject religion as nonsense, we are then left in a moral vacuum, often without even the simplest of moral codes like, "How would you like it if someone did that to you?"
As the evidence shows how easy it is to reject religious knowledge outright, I suggest there is a need for a new subject in the school curriculum,  Moral philosophy.
The only problem with this idea is how to teach moral philosophy to children  who, although they may never have come across the  word 'hypocrite', certainly know one when they see one!  Secondly, as each civilisation grows, there becomes a greater and greater need for rules and regulations to govern the behaviour of the population.  Slowly but surely we dot the 'i's and cross the 't's, all in the interest of common sense, until we reach a point where the individual has little responsibility left, all responsibility having been given to and taken by the State.  The more responsibility that is taken away from the individual, the more irresponsible the individual becomes.  Eventually, both the State and the individual are left asking themselves, "What has gone wrong with our society?"


J replied:

Thank you for that answer, I will send it to one of my former students, she met someone being very rude to her, and the fact is that you know the person being very rude to her.

This answer is telling me what I believe in and I am convinced that you have published a very good book.

I have the same troubles in my family.

May you all be blessed in the circle of light



My husband & I have been trying to conceive for a while now  (2 1/2 yrs) with no success.  We both have been checked by the doctors and everything seems to be fine. We have even thought about adoption. 

Do you see any children of our own in the near future along with perhaps adopting a child?  My husband is 40 and I am 38. We have been married 3yrs this month.  Any insight would be most appreciated.

Thank you,
Have a very BLESSED DAY!!! 


It is often the case that wanting too much can cause stress which inhibits the process of conception. It isn't as easy as it sounds but I would suggest you think about something other than conception. I'm not prepared to make a prediction but relaxation is the key.

Take up a new hobby? (I've recently taken up Tai Chi which I find calming and relaxing.)

The less you worry, the more chance of conceiving.

I wish you all the very best. Let me know when 'it' happens. :-)


Hi Tony

I wondered if you could shed a little light on a couple of things that happened to me in the past of a spiritual nature. When my daughter was born she was an emergency caesarean ad I ruptured my uterus and almost bled to death. She was the last child of six. All day I had felt strange and that something wasn’t right so lied to the Midwife saying that my waters had started breaking to get into the hospital even though I still had a month to go. The hospital staff started me on a drip and then after a couple of hours nothing happened so I asked for a Caesar. I was pushed in front of three other patients into the operating room and when I had my operation they found that I had lost two litres of blood and that if they hadn’t taken me in my baby would have died along with myself within half an hour. All this time things happened to make sure I was taken in and not only that my parting comment was make sure I'm asleep that way if I die I'm not going to know. When I woke up my husband was white and said basically they had just about lost me and my midwife said that every time something is going to happen you seem to know. A couple of years later I had a reading with a spiritualist and asked her about how come my mother whom I had never had a close relationship with never tried to come through and she said look into your youngest daughters eyes and you can see her there – why do you think she fought so hard to live she is your mothers gift to you while she didn’t get on with you while she was alive she is here now as a gift to you through your daughter just look into your daughters eyes your mother is there. These are just general comments angels helping me along the way or just coincidence. We also have a son who has suffered a brain tumour and survived he is now 14 so I think someone's out there helping me. My mother was a smoker and quite often I will walk into the bedroom of the home I share with my husband and smell cigarette smoke just in one spot near my bed. Anyone you know who can do online readings for a reasonable price that are competent I would love to find some answer.

Best wishes, L.A. (NZ)


Thank you for your question.

I really do feel that we underestimate our instincts. Animals know when they are going to die, they know too when WE are ill and will often 'hang around' us.

I believe in evolution and that we are 98% chimpanzee genetically. (That 2% makes a big difference.)

We know who to attack and who to leave alone, we know when someone is in the room when we can't see them.

I was astounded by my wife's knowing what our baby boy wanted by the way he cried, (It was just a noise to me!), so women particularly are close to their instincts. A friend at work dreamt that he was lying in a coffin and went to the doctor and found himself at death's door in hospital with blood loss.

We're not daft!

Personally, I make no distinction between instinct and spirituality. Belief in one does not diminish the other and I think the lines we draw are only our lines.

As to your daughter being the reincarnation of your mother, I think I'd find that disturbing and in all honesty I think your psychic is guessing. I also think it's a bit irresponsible. What if you alter your behaviour towards your daughter as a result? If it's not true, what has this psychic done to you both?


Anyway. The good news is that you seem to be very much in touch with your 'spiritual instincts' and this will help you in the years to come as it has in years gone by. You are very lucky in that way.

Tobacco smells? I think you need to decide for yourself about those. It's not for me to make up your mind on that. Just enjoy the experiences you are having as most people don't get anything other than 'ordinary life'. You are blessed, that's for sure.

I don't, I'm afraid, know of anyone who does readings on line. I'm a loner in that respect. I charge nothing for this site and my reward is that it stimulates me and some people are helped by my thoughts. If people charge money, are they doing it for altruistic reasons?

I hope I haven't sounded too sceptical.

Careful how you go.




The question I'd like to ask is this.
How do I move out of my fears of showing who I am beneath the surface?
What holds me back from this next phase in my evolution?
Why am I in fear of shedding my unwanted baggage in order to do my work?
No doubt the answer's simple, and no doubt the answer is within too, but the power is in the sharing!



(I have the feeling you will have answered this question yourself before you receive my answer.)

It's true. The answer is always within. I usually find that when asked a question, I find myself re-phrasing it so that the answer becomes obvious. After all, we ARE the answer. We stand IN the answer. It is everywhere. What we fail to do is find the right question. Your question shows me you are nearly there in answering it yourself.


It's safer at home than it is going out. It's safer to keep quiet rather than open your mouth and get into trouble. (Ask Jesus!) It is easier to continue what you are doing rather than change your way of life and face new frontiers. You are capable of it but the uncertainty holds you back. When the time comes, if it hasn't already, you'll take a deep breath and just get on with it. The enemy is ignorance, ours and other peoples'.

Sheep or lion then?

I wish you the best of all luck.




So Anthony, is there a hell or indeed a heaven?




As a living human with no memory of 'pre-life', I can't really answer that. To get to any heaven there might be, we need to lose our fear of death. Fear turns angels into devils.

There are people who believe they have been to the next stage and returned. Those who experienced hell said it was cold, away from the light and not hot as they would have expected. That I find odd but the question remains for me. I'll concentrate on life while I'm around and face and deal with death when it comes.

To rule out life after death would be illogical, (said Mr. Spock), but I've yet to be convinced.

Not much of an answer I know but as much as I can give until sometime in the future.


If an individual has the ability to heal,  would it be correct to assume they will live to a ripe old age as they can utilise their healing capabilities to prevent themselves from illness or to treat illness should they get it?



Not all things can be healed. Sometimes I get two people with the same disease, one gets better, the other doesn't.  After 29 years of healing, I've still no idea why this is. It's as if there was a script that doesn't change regardless.  I'm saying this because I've met a young healer with lung cancer and no one is exempt from being run over by a bus.

Sorry but healers are as vulnerable as anyone else.



Hello, and love to all,

For many years I feel as though spirit has been telling me write a book, I feel I have been blessed with a lot of wisdom and understanding along my path.  But honestly I don't know where to begin.
I have also felt that I should be relocating, I am reminded a lot that a prophet has a hard time prophesying, in their home town.  Any feed back on this would be greatly appreciated.

Much love and joy to you all. 




I've heard myself say on numerous occasions, "A prophet is not recognised in his own land".  This, I believe is true.  The further away you go the better. (I'm not being rude here!) Why? If Jesus had stayed in Nazareth, people would have said, "That carpenter's son has gone nuts.  He thinks he's the son of God.".....  We'd never have heard of him.


Writing a book.

You may think writing a book is difficult but when you have, you discover that writing it was the easiest part. The kind of mind required to write a spiritual type book isn't the same sort of mind you need to promote it or sell it. I've no intention of putting you off but be aware the problems start AFTER you've written it. I wish you luck.



I have been psychic since I can remember.  My upbringing and religion prohibited me from "living it out".  Now that I am married, the strangest things happen.  The TV would go on while me and my husband are sleeping, my children's toys will start running around, wind chimes will start chiming when I enter a room (without any wind or movement being present), I would suddenly start giving messages to my husband and my mother-in-law from my late father-in-law (things that I never knew occurred in their lives), the VCR will eject cassettes without anybody being close, When we would wake up in the morning we would find the house's lights on and the taps running....There are lots more happening  (My daughter calls them fairies).

I get this KNOWING of my late father and late grand mother being around me all the time.  I talk to them (and they talk back).  Once "somebody" woke me from a deep sleep, to tell me that my family was in danger.  If it was not for that, my family would have been killed by the burglary that night.  I am also aware of other energies around me - people that I am not sure I know.


What is stopping me from exploring this world to my fullest potential, is the fact that I have read on the internet, that it can only be demons lying, deceiving and cheating me into believing that it is my passed on loved ones, or my guides.  It was also mentioned on this site, that I will be giving my soul to Satan if I should commence in this "craft".  It further says that God instructed us not to talk to the dead, and to leave the dead alone.


Mr Baker, please!  I need your insight.  It feels as if my gift is from Satan.  I feel miserable and depressed.  Meanwhile, I am putting these spirits on hold, and they are patiently waiting for me to acknowledge them again.



It is really hard to recover from old beliefs, especially religious ones. In days gone by, (I hope), this kind of paranoia was used to rid the church of it's enemies. You were guaranteed to go to heaven if you killed an 'Infidel', by order of the Pope. There is a long way between this idea and a Jewish prophet who turned the other cheek.

There is no way that I will ever change your mind about the fact that it might indeed be Satan's path you are treading. It is up to each of us to make up our own minds. You'll not get the answer from a web site, (not even this one!), so I suggest you go with your feelings.

How do I feel about my path? Fine really. I went through all the paranoia and came out the other side with the feeling that, as no one really knows anything very much, I'll just use what talents I have and explain upstairs later! Sorry chaps, seemed like a good idea.

Everyone, everyone is guessing. Trust your feelings, not a web site.

My guess is that there is no such thing as Satan and no such thing as Evil. What we humans suffer from is ignorance, (otherwise we'd be 'God'). When we speak of Evil, it allows us to point at others. When we speak of ignorance, we can't. We're all learning.

Best wishes,


(If you click on my web site below and then 'read extracts', you can read one of my experiences.)



Hi Anthony,

I'm at a point in my life where I need to make a living but cannot make myself take another meaningless, boring office job in order to pay the bills.  Although I have lots of artistic skills, I haven't found a way to make a living using them.  I want help but I haven't found the right person to ask.  Those who want to help aren't creative thinkers and give the same dead-end advice because they all have the same boring jobs I don't want.  I need help finding the right niche for me.  I feel I'm the problem because I have become very negative on the topic and I don't know how to get out of my rut without help.  Do you have any ideas as to how I can change my negative attitude so that I can draw toward me the right opportunities and the help I need? 





Dear H,

I've been thinking over your plight. My honest answer includes an admission that I'm doing one of those mundane jobs to make ends meet. We have to bite the bullet sometimes just to survive.

What I and many people are doing is going to work in order to make the rich richer and the poor poorer and as I'm not in the first category, I wonder as so many do, why I'm bothering.

This is not the best time to be human but there will be a time when our philosophy will change and we will at last enter what has been called a new age. If you want to understand the system we are under now, go to your nearest zoo. To understand the new age, check your conscience. (It knows about these things.)

As for you. Put yourself about a bit. Nothing happens when you sit at home. We make our own luck and 'being out there' is the way to get it. You could consider setting up a web site with samples of your work. Most of all, tell people what you think, what you really think. Let go a little, it's amazing how much people shine when they loosen up. Some will think you're nuts but at least they think of you.

Good luck.



Dear Tony
I've just stumbled over your Q & A board and ran across the following answer which you gave to someone concerning synchronicities. My question to you also has to do with 'meaningful coincidences'.
I met a man a few years back who I immediately connected with and quickly fell deeply in love with.  He too, felt the immediate connection and love but because I was married, he honorably said goodbye after only 3 weeks before anything had a chance to seriously develope or go physical. 
Well, it's been almost 3 years since I've heard from him personally (yet I think of him everyday and still grieve the loss)  and just the other week I was strongly hit with things that I associate with him and only him.

He had once told me that he had a dream about me where he was a turtle and I was feeding him in a pond, telling him there was more than 'enough' to go around.  Since he left, I have always worn a turtle to remind me that he walks with me daily even tho we are not together.  

We had written each other poems about being 'shooting stars' meeting one night in the cosmos.
There is much more but I don't want to take up too much of your time.
Anyway, last week in the space of 3 days time, I had a dream about a turtle living in my attic.  First the turtle hid in it's shell, then it peeped it's head out at me and then finally it ran over to me like an overjoyed puppy, all giddy and nuzzling.  The next evening as I sat out on my patio, I saw MY VERY FIRST SHOOTING STAR. 
Like I said there were other odd happenings as well last week that reminded me of him but I don't want to take up too much cyberspace.
Now, I just read the Q and A on your site  and as you suggested that the other person do,  I would indeed try to contact this man if I were able to since I very much believe in 'signs' but I'm not able to do so. The man I was involved with is not an easy man to get hold of and he has moved to another state. 
What do you think the cosmos is trying to tell me and what should I do about it?  As I said, I would try to contact him if I could, but I can't. 
Thanks for your help. 




This man's honourable behaviour only proves he is worth having. You say though that you cannot contact him now. We have an electoral register here in England and I assume you have one there too. All things are possible with the right motivation. The thing is, do you really want to contact him? What would that contact mean? Are you prepared to go down that road if you could? What will you leave behind?

I know the feeling you describe. I've had it too and did the 'honourable thing'.

To be honest, I'm not sure why the universe is doing this to you now. Perhaps he will contact you, I'm not sure.

There is more to say so if you like, I'm willing to carry on this conversation off site.


(Strangely enough, I saw 4 shooting stars this evening!) Funny old world, isn't it?



I have a really good question for you.  Ever since I was a child I could sense see what I think are angels around me.  They are sometimes in a horse shoe shape, white with black outline. I have never said anything to people because I don't want people to think I'm crazy.  Are they angles?  If so how come I can see them??  Thanks again....



Now there's a question I'm not asked every day!

Angels? I believe people see them but as to what they are, that's another question.

You don't sound crazy to me so let's assume this is not anything as mundane as an eye problem.

The first sensible question is: Are they useful? In other words, do they talk to you? If not, ask them to speak.

If they're just around doing apparently nothing then there's not much you can do other than live with them and get on with your life.

I'd like to know what they are too, so a little more information would help if you're willing.




"A year ago I was in the hospital with a tear in my spinal cord and I've been experiencing some headaches and neckaches especially when trying to sleep or when I had been sleeping. I don't know if this is serious or if I should contact my doctor.  Should I??  "

"Also, I'm worried about my daughter living with her father. I sometimes wish she lived with me.  I fear they poison her about me.  Any ideas???"


I would never advise someone not to visit the doctor. It would be my first port of call.

Please go and see if there is anything physically wrong.

If there is not, then your pains may be due to the psychological pains you describe.


I suppose contact is what is required as long as it is welcome. Try to be upbeat with your daughter and not too down. Let her see who you are and she can make up her own mind about you. It's a difficult situation you are in and I sympathise.




I have never been in this situation. Some 2 weeks before the Sept 11th atrocity, I had the strangest desire to start drawing. As you can see the picture is somewhat disturbing for a number of reasons (see attached) . I put the drawing away as it seemed complete gibberish. The day after the event in New York my wife reminded me of the pic. After closer scrutiny there were some interesting bits that came out (i.e. Meteorite crashing into the Tower on the rt.) Believe me this was spooky . The R3 is in fact a Russian Nuclear missile that was found to be touted about by Islamic Fundamentalists following the breakdown of the Russian Federation. I have never experienced anything of this ilk before and wonder if you could help !





I believe a Chinese curse reads: "May you live in interesting times". Well, we're in them!

I can't put the drawing on the site but I have had a good look at it.

What interests me is why you think you drew it. It may not be possible to know but normally reasons can be traced back to their origins. If they can't, then it becomes more interesting.

I'm curious to know how you felt when doing it. Did you feel it was coming from you or from elsewhere?

Please let me know.



Q.  I read an article that was very interesting about going "backwards" instead of forward.  It basically said that in yesteryear everything was territorial and we and the animals roamed in packs (gangs), and that instead of learning and evolving, we are devolving to the same mentality.  Your book made a pretty good point of that. 




A.   I really like this simple but effective remark. It tells me that although Bush got a mid-term thumbs up, the 'new age message' is still going to come through in the end. We know, whether we like it or not, we know. It is only a question of time. Multinationals are ruling the roost and no politician can be voted in without their say so.

The problem with the 'new age' is that it promised that someone, Jesus, aliens and whatever would come and put it all right for us. That has little to do with the real message which is for us to grow up for once and sort it out ourselves. Our mentality has not grown with our technology and this is leading to no good. Don't give a baby a box of matches.

In days mostly gone by, men would go to the next village stab some man with a pointed stick and steal his woman. Not nice, but not world destroying in itself. The mentality remains the same and now we have a lot more than pointed sticks to help us. 




Dear Tony,

Recently I have experienced a series of sychronicity, i.e. meaningful coincidences. Very bizarre, indeed. During a trip to Europe, I kept running into people who have the same name!!!  Strangest of all, it is not just any name (not a common name like Paul or John either); it is the name of someone very special to me, with whom I had a brief relationship, and now we are separate but I still feel strongly towards. One night in the hotel, I was half-sleep and I felt a mass of vibration "sitting" on me! I was very scared. After making sure the vibration was gone, I got up and turned on the TV for distraction. And what's on TV? A game show and this  name was the final answer of the last question!

How should I interpret these sychroncities?

Thank you very much.





My synchronicity lasted two months and the coincidences came about 12 to 15 times each day. I took this as a compliment from the universe and you should too. I spent a lot of time trying to understand how it was working but gave up in the end.

In my case, the universe was trying to tell me something and I must assume it is trying to tell you something too. The obvious answer is to try to get in touch with your friend and tell them what is happening and ask whether they know why. (Honesty is usually best.)

If it has stopped now then it may be too late to do anything, but if not, find out. In my case again, after I did what the universe wanted me to do, the synchronicity stopped.

Don't ignore this message. Seek out the reason and, if you like, get back to me. (I'm interested.)





Dear Tony, 

My dad died just 3 months ago, and recently a friend called in a medium for problems she was experiencing herself. Well during the session a spirit made themselves known who my friend recognised without doubt as being my Dad. He said he was not too impressed at finding himself over there and had chosen not to go to the light but stay here as he had "loose ends" he wished to tie up here. Well I'm sure you can imagine how distressing this has been for myself and my family. Although he had been ill and in hospital for some time the doctor's had assured us and him, he would be well and home after treatment.So his death was a complete shock.

Please, please can you give me some advice on this upsetting matter.The medium offered her services to contact my Dad if we wished? But I really am at a loss as to what is best all round! 





I have to confess that I have trouble believing that I'm talking to the actual departed person when I'm in a 'spiritual circle'. I tend to believe that the medium is 'tapping into' what can only be described as a 'library' where all information is stored. This distinction is relevant to me but perhaps not to you.

There are 'rescue circles' where people send the departed to the light. That medium might do it or at least could tell you who does.

There is always the option of seeing another medium. I've no doubt you'll hear something completely different. I know people who seek out mediums until they get the answer they want! I feel it's best to take these things with a pinch of salt. I feel it is not right to 'bother' the departed. As much as we'd like to speak to them, I'm sure it's best left as it is. The sooner we face the fact of their death, the sooner life can go on.

Some time after my father died I had a vivid dream about him. I've called this type of dream a 'bereavement dream'. It's a dream you never forget. I hope you'll have one of these dreams as they are the best source of information there is on the subject of a life beyond.

Thank you for your question.




Hi Anthony,
I want to know why I get de-ja-vu sometimes. It seems to run in cycles, sometimes I experience de-ja-vu every other day and other times it goes dead for months. when its strong I can predict what's going to happen in TV shows (before it happens). Sometimes, when I'm talking to friends, I feel like I have had the very same conversation with the same person 2 or 3 times. I don't predict any of these things, they are more like memories. I just remember doing things before I do them. can you offer me any help? I want to experience more of this but I don't know what triggers it, or why it stops sometimes. I know all this might sound a bit dumb, but I don't know who else to ask.

p.s. I have not been able to predict the national lottery yet so don't ask.



De-Ja-Vu is not really within my experience but I'll do what I can to help.

How it works is a mystery. I have had experience of 'synchronicity', (events in the outer world that mirror your inner world), or more simply, far too many coincidences to be a coincidence.

From these experiences, I've had to review my understanding of the universe. The line we draw between mental and physical is not real. In my experience, they merge. Perhaps then, time is the same. Not as rigid as we think. Could it be that we can then 'arrive' before we've 'left'? On arrival, we could then remember. (Tricky, isn't it.)

With all psychic experiences it is usually the case that we can increase them by paying attention to them. You are doing that and there's not much else I know of that can help. My last experience was 7 years ago, so if it's less time for you, you're doing better than I.

Nice question. Thank you.




My husband and I are in the youth ministry at my church, a Christian church and I was told I could not teach my 11 year old after he turns 12 in June of 2003 because he is a male and this is according to the bible, and that women are to be quiet in church as a respect to males . I am very confused and I do believe women can spread the word of god to anyone including male figures 12 and over. please help me understand this.

Thanks Confused




The disadvantage of being in a 'flock' is that you are supposed to obey the rules of that flock. This 'church' seems to be living in the past. I suggest you give a lot of thought as to whether it is worth being a member. Is the price too high? There must be churches that are less intrusive and will allow you to make your own decisions on these matters. They appear to be treating you as a child. Rules are for children, not for adults.

I suppose the golden rule is, 'never let anyone tell you who you are and who you are supposed to be.'

Move on, is my advice.

I leave it to you to decide.



Dear Tony:
My name is Shawn, this year hasn't been my year. I was fired off my job of nine years and now they want to take me to court because they think that I shouldn't get my unemployment and then I had to stop my wedding after we got everything together and then the lawyer that I thought was OK don't want to take my case would you please tell me if you see things getting better and well I get a job soon and married?




Information and good advice is what is needed now. Options and information. Grab as much of these as you can. If your lawyer doesn't want your case it probably means you would loose it so concentrate on getting a job, any job for the moment.


This will be a good test of your relationship. If she understands, the chances are that the marriage will be a good one.

Adapt and survive. Follow your nose and it will work out.


(Let me know how it goes.)

My daughter is 17 and has seen auras and spirits since she was young.  She first told me when she was five.  She has "tuned out" her gifts of seeing auras and spirits because sometimes it scared her, but as of today they are back with full force.

She's had an interesting/scary experience and we are both wondering if you can help us figure out what happened, what was the intention, etc.

I think she may have had an OBE. (Out-of-Body Experience - Ed.)  She started to fall back and was in that not-quite-asleep, not-quite-awake state.  She saw a man dressed in black who moved very quickly from the end of the bed out the door.  She tried to talk herself out of it but there was a very loud "roaring" in her head.  She describes it as chaos and confusion.  She tried to sit up but many spirits rushed into her room and pushed her down holding her there. She could feel the pressure but not them physically. She tried to scream but couldn't. The room was very brightly lit - felt like an operating room to her - she refused to "open her eyes" although she didn't have to open her eyes to see the room. 

She felt they were doing something to her, they were holding her down for awhile. The feeling she got from them was one of sternness - LAY DOWN, DON'T GET UP.  She didn't feel that they were "good".

Finally they left and she began sobbing hysterically and trembling. When she calmed down and went into the rest of the house she was amazed to see that her gift of seeing colors and spirits was back. She said she saw purple color flowing in through the door and different colors gathered here and there about the house. She can see spirits there, too.

What the heck happened?  What did they want?  What did they do to her?  What is next????

We both have noticed quite an increase in psychic activity in the last three weeks.

I was very pleased to receive your e-mail.  I have been in the presence of a ghost myself.  The reason I tell this story will become clear. 

Briefly it was about 6 feet tall, I could hear it and sense it but it was invisible. When it arrived in the room I was very scared but as time went on, I became brave and eventually began to chase it around the room.  In the end I left it to walk around and my fear was gone.  I mention this because the answer to all fears is to face them. 

When my ghost arrived I was scared but if you stand up to them, you find that they are not as menacing as they seem.  It is THEY who are scared of you.  It seems to me that your daughter has been 'picked out' and blessed. It may not seem that way now but these 'spirits' were there to help.  

In these difficult times, especially after September 11th, the spirits may be impatient for helpers. The future is not rosy just now. Some people are born with a 'destiny'. Your daughter is one of those people. The important thing is to 'go with the flow'. That way everything becomes easier and smoother. Your daughter is destined for something and that is (whether we like it or not), a privilege.

I would like to keep in touch if you wish to. Things aren't going to be easy and a friend is always useful in such times.

Please write again if you wish.



    My name is Cathy I am 45 I have had a lot of disappointments in my life, and it seems that I have heard it said, I am very distrusting, and that pain passes with time. Do you believe that? 

So tell me Tony how do you begin to trust again? 



It is possible to spend your life looking for something or someone that doesn't exist. It may be that your sights are too high. It is also possible to spoil what you have with low self esteem. ("I don't deserve this" lurking in the background causing a self fulfilled prophesy of 'doom'.)

To trust again it is necessary to understand your own part in what has been going wrong.  It is often the most difficult thing to do. We can even be too trusting in the first place, leaving ourselves open to abuse of all kinds.

Which category do you belong to? That is your first question.


(Feel free to write again if you think you know.)



Please address these issues. I am a single 41 year old female who wishes to be married but have always felt hindered in this area. Also, no matter what I do I don't seem to be able to prosper in my finances. Is it possible that there is some sort of hindrance in the spirit realm? Is it possible to have this response e-mailed back to me?



I believe the short answer is that it is better to look first at 'karma' as this is how the spirit manifests in the physical.  In other words, every action has a reaction and every 'over-action' has an equal and opposite 'over-reaction'.  In order to be of help, I would ask that you fill in a few details:

Why do you feel hampered? Who are you looking for?  
Could I have a vague outline of your education and career?


(I sent an e-mail back to you but it returned unknown)

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